H. Moser & Cie : Swiss Alp Watch


I’ll just plant this right here, for your consideration.

It is 38.2mm x 44.00mm x 10.3mm, 18 carat white gold, limited to fifty pieces, USD24,900. Oh and spring bars.


Categories: H. Moser & Cie, Limited Editions, SIHH 2016, Smartwatch/ wearable tech, watches

3 replies

  1. For 1/40 of the price I can buy the real thing with today’s technology.
    Good watch for collectors though.


  2. Gerard- it’s actually priced only a little bit more than the gold version of the fruity watch. And you won’t ever have an obsolete tech that the fruit shop won’t want to know about in 5 years’ time.


  3. Weak defence. My point is: you cannot stop progress
    How many camera lovers would have loved to see the splendid and perfected mechanical camera to hold ground against the onslaught of the plastic (and ever updating) digital camera…Only those companies who were ready to adopt the change survived.


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