NEWS : Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smart Watch pre-orders open


Earlier this year Mondaine, keeper of the Swiss train times and occasional Apple nemesis, launched their version of a ‘smart watch’, called the Mondaine Helvetica 1. Available in a limited edition of 1,957, those who are interested can now place a pre-order.

A collaboration with MotionX®, it is essentially a sleep monitor, and an alert system for activity. Naturally, the time is automatically synchronised via the phone connection at all times, including when travelling.


As you can see, Mondaine’s ‘smart watch’ has a traditional watch face. The data is mostly shown via an accompanying phone app which manages the functions, but some information is also available in a more traditional fashion on the watch, controlled via the crown. The numbers on the sub-dial display the date, activity (MotionX® and Activity Tracker®), and sleep (Sleeptracker®). Activity Tracker® keeps tabs on daily steps, calories burned and total distance, as well as allowing for the setting of fitness goals. Sleep is recorded either when worn on your wrist or perhaps more uncomfortably, when placed under your pillow.


The limitation number was chosen to commemorate the year in which Helvetica was designed, and there will be “1 of 1957” engraved on the side of 44mm stainless steel watch. The battery lasts about two years.

Whether you wish to call this a ‘smart watch’, an ‘activity tracker + watch’, or whatever else takes your fancy, if you are interested, and it’s not cheap, you can check for device compatibility and pre-order at the Mondaine US site at this link. There is a $100 off promotional discount (which brings it down to $850) for this initial exclusively online pre-order period between 29 July – 6 September 2015. Four additional standard models are expected to be launched in October 2015.

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