TAG Heuer-Google-Intel smartwatch to cost around EUR 1,400


Although there was nothing to show at the time, Jean-Claude Biver’s announcement at Baselworld 2015 about a collaboration between TAG Heuer, Google and Intel still may have been the most widely covered announcement of the fair. It was and is, a huge deal.

In an interview with German daily Handelsblatt on July 15, 2015, Mr. Biver has shared some more thoughts about this smartwatch.

Bearing in mind that the Apple Watch starts at around EUR 400-450, with the mid range models EUR 700 – 1,250, this new TAG Heuer will be around the EUR 1,400 mark, confirming a figure that was given a few months ago by Bloomberg. This is in line with the much-reported repositioning of TAG that is going to happen under Mr. Biver, with the focus on watches in the EUR 1,500 – 4,500 range.

So, what else did he tell Handelsblatt?

In a nutshell – that the Apple Watch is fabulous because it is like a huge sales promotion for watches, introducing those who had previously not worn something on their wrist to the idea of doing so, meaning more potential customers; that the EUR 1,400 price point will make it an attractive proposition, even for those buying mid-range Apple Watches; and that the Apple Watch’s built-in obsolescence will become an issue for its customers,who will want something not only more enduring, but also able to be repaired.

For those fluent in German, click on the link above to read the interview. To read the original press release of this smartwatch announcement, go to this link.

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  1. wish the suisse horlogerie maisons wouldn’t do such dumbarse knee jerk reactions to techno watch mumbo jumbo. completely. different. markets. even for Tag. they should see it as a positive that more and more people are being introduced to wearing watches and that eventually they’ll want a proper solid gold el-presidente. apologies for mixing language.


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