Girard-Perregaux : a new Traveller


Girard-Perregaux has announced a new version of their Traveller Large Date, Moonphase and GMT watch. Technically, this new edition with sapphire dial is the same as the previous model; the difference is in appearances.

Available in stainless steel or pink gold 44mm cases, the obvious new feature is a transparent dial.

These additions to the Traveller range feature a new metallic gray sapphire dial that not only gives you a view of the movement, but also reveals the details of the large date’s mechanism at 12 o’clock – two discs incorporated into the movement.

GP_HD_TravellerGMT_PR (1)

Yes there are other brands with large dates, but Girard-Perregaux has its own patented way of doing it. The date display is composed of two discs, the right painted in black that displays the left digit with white numerals, and a second one made of 0.01mm transparent folanorm with white numerals. This transparent disc overlaps the main black disc, creating the illusion of a single disc.

The moon phase indicator at 7:30 is directly attached to the barrel and adjusted by a corrector at 8 o’clock. Metallic and surrounded by a circular satin-brushed ring, it also features a small seconds hand. Positioned between 4 and 5 o’clock, the second time zone is partially merged into the moon phase subdial.

This is an attractive new watch, perhaps even more so than its predecessor. One thing to note is that the combination of a very contemporary looking coloured sapphire for a transparent front and a large date may seem familiar – the Vintage 1945 Large Date and Moonphase comes to mind.


Both of the new Traveller models come on alligator straps with matching folding clasps.

Australian RRP is $25,510 for the stainless steel, and RRP $48,720 for the pink gold.

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2 replies

  1. Size: great.
    Proportions: great.
    Case: great.
    Hands: great.
    Indices: great.
    Finishing: (seems) great.
    Dial: my brain hurts.



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