HANDS-ON : Zenith Captain Power Reserve


The full name of today’s watch is in fact the Zenith Captain Elite Power Reserve. The ‘Elite’ of the name refers to the movement inside, the automatic Elite 685 calibre, and the watch fits firmly within the traditionally designed Captain collection. However, this is not Zenith’s first power reserve model of this type, there was one in 2011 featuring the same movement.

The current power reserve model has the same basic dial configuration as its predecessor, with a power reserve indicator in the first quadrant, date at six o’clock and seconds sub-dial at nine o’clock. However, they are quite different design-wise, not just because of the absence of the guilloché dial. The power reserve indicator is more minimalist, its restraint and simplicity of the dial leading to a very different dress watch to its 2011 predecessor.

In the end it is a matter of personal taste, but in comparing the two, but I am more drawn to the newer version, finding the cleaner lines and uniformity of the silvery dial surface more elegant. However, the paring back of information on the power reserve indicator means that the ‘50’ representing the total power reserve is no longer there.

The new Captain Elite Power reserve comes in both pink gold and stainless steel.

Sometimes, the Zenith dress watches appear to be overshadowed by the more high profile sports models or the high-end achievements of the Christoph Colombs. However, for admirers of the Zenith brand, its movements and its history, but who are looking for something more dressy, the Captain collection is worth taking a look at.

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2 replies

  1. Stunning piece!


  2. I agree with you. Zenith is moving in the right direction again. I found it difficult to be endeared to their …ummm less classic models


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