HANDS-ON with Badollet’s Ivresse at the Geneva Time Exhibition 2013


A while ago I wrote about the Badollet Ivresse, a fascinating curved watch (with a more gentle curve than Eva Leube’s Ari) with such a pared back sense of elegant simplicity that not only is the tourbillon not visible from the front, but the brand is not even mentioned on the dial, but the caseback.

You can read details about it on the link above, but there’s nothing like handling a watch ‘in the metal’, so it was with great interest that I went to visit Badollet at the Geneva Time Exhibition 2013, to see the Ivresse and to take some live photos.

As I wrote before, this is a big watch – 53.80mm in length, 30mm wide and 12.30mm thick in its platinum case. What I did not realise, was that 53.80mm is not as it seems.

The curvature of the watch, which fitted comfortably over my wrist, takes away a lot of the size factor. It simply does not appear to be that big, nor does it seem too big to wear. After all, watches are for wearing, and reading about large dimensions can scare people off considering a watch. Having now tried this on, I can tell you that it is in fact very wearable both length and height wise.

Philippe Dubois – CEO of Badollet

This may be a simple discreet looking watch from a design perspective, but in many ways it is a very bold one because of this. The case design stands out, but so does the purity of the dial. So in the end, did the reality match my expectations? Yes.

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