Bovet celebrates its 190th anniversary with …

Non horological items produced by watch brands, although still the exception, is not new. Jewellery, cufflinks, pens, mobile phones…Although not the first (that goes to Omega, for the Aqua Terra eau de toilette), Bovet has released a perfume for women to celebrate the brand’s 190th anniversary. To their credit, they do try to draw on the brand’s origins in Fleurier, which is in an area also known as the valley of a thousand flowers, by making it a very floral fragrance.

he perfume will be sold in a limited edition of 190 (of course) handcrafted glass 60 mil or 2-ounce, bottles, as well as a smaller flask of 30 mil, designed in a shape reminiscent of Bovet’s early pocket watches. Each bottle has been individually blown by a Swiss master glass blower and the neck of each bottle has a 0.25 mm gold thread, of which an astonishing five metres are required to complete a single bottle.

The fragrance world has its own terms for the components of each of the elements of each notes, so I’ll let their official description speak for itself :

Top notes: blackcurrant buds, spirit of magnolia, soul of cassie, veil of Parma violets
Middle (heart) notes: Moroccan Rose petals, Turkish rose pearls, cream of Iris from Florence, aura of ylang ylang, smiles of Sambac jasmine, rosewood bark
Background notes: Amber stones, Madagascan vanilla pods.

Categories: Accessories, Bovet, Ephemera, Limited Editions

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