From 1786 to 2011

I recently had a NATO strap revelation, but just prior to the NATOs, I’d taken delivery of a rather more special strap, known as a “Metta”. Five of us had placed a bulk order with Micah, each with a different… Read More ›

Casio G-Shock GA100-1A2

One of the interesting things about watch enthusiasts is the fondness that so many of them have for the humble Casio G-SHOCK. Inexpensive, tough, and coming in a seemingly endless number of models, almost every watchnerd I’ve met seems to… Read More ›

Panamera Flieger 47

Pilots’ watches, whether they be B-Uhr heritage fliegers from the ‘knowns’ or one of the plethora of small brands which you only hear about through word of mouth or on watch fora, are one of the constants in the watch… Read More ›