INDUSTRY NEWS: RJ Watches files for bankruptcy

RJ Watches, previously (and more commonly known as) Romain Jerome, was a brand that launched with an unapologetically bold and niche vision – putting bits of things (Titanic, moon dust, Eyjafjallajökull) in their watches. They diversified from this, and in so doing, broadened their appeal. In more recent years, they have become known for their early computer game themed pieces, and collaborations with Marvel and Warner Bros.

Now they are no more, having filed for bankruptcy. This is a tough time in the industry; our thoughts and best wishes to everyone at RJ, and we would thank them for having been an important and enjoyable part of each of our visits to Geneva.



Eysins, Switzerland, February 27, 2020.

The Board of Directors of RJ Watches SA regrets to announce the company’s bankruptcy application.

The Board of Directors of RJ Watches has been informed of the decision of Alliance Investment Group SA, its majority shareholder, to stop investing in the company. This unpredictable decision was communicated with immediate effect, which makes continuation of the business impossible and the search for a possible buyer impossible within such short time.

Consequently, the Board of Directors of RJ Watches has no other choice than to file for the bankruptcy of the company and the dismissal of all of its employees.

Marco Tedeschi, CEO and the entire RJ team deeply regret this decision, which cuts 33 jobs and ends a great journey.

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