A new moon rising from Stepan Sarpaneva

Perhaps you’ve heard about Stepan Sarpaneva’s 2012 release, the Korona K0 Wuoksi, or his MB&F collaboration, the Moonmachine. If you’re keeping an eagle eye out you may well have even seen his announcement of a new S.U.F. “Myrsky” in 2013.

But unless you read his facebook entries during June and/ or October 2012, you may well have missed out on these two new Sarpaneva creations. As I am not a ‘facebooker’, I cannot even recall why I happened to visit his facebook page during June but I did, and in mid-December, I finally got my first Sarpaneva moon.

The above links show two versions, the 27mm diameter SuperMoon, and its 18mm smaller sibling. I chose the smaller one mainly for size reasons, but also because I liked seeing the moon framed. As you can see in comparing the original photo to these, it has also changed from the original prototype polished version to a matte sterling silver.

To hold it has a nice weight, and although I would happily wear either polished and matte, I probably do prefer the final matte version. It is a very attractive and appealing pendant, especially for those who have wanted a Sarpaneva moon but don’t have one. The lightness of colour means that in an odd sort of way, the moon seems to have a slightly less contemplative air about it than its lunar watch cousins.

The smaller pendant is available for 270 Euros and the larger one, 350 Euros. If you’d like one for yourself, or perhaps to give as a gift, contact Stepan/ Sarpaneva Watches at designer@sarpanevawatches.com

If you want to read more about Stepan, click here for my interview with him earlier this year.

Categories: Accessories, Ephemera, Sarpaneva

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