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In 2017 HYT launched the H4 Neo, a manually-wound watch with a light source (module) that could be activated on demand. A LED-lit version of the H4, it was an unexpected diversion for a brand known for its fluid timekeeping…. Read More ›

NEW: MB&F TriPod

Do things come in threes? Humans look for patterns (‘apophenia’, coined by Klaus Conrad, is the tendency to see connections and meaningful links between unrelated things). As as a creative device, the number three has long been a popular one,… Read More ›

NEW: Sarpaneva x Moomin

For a number of years now, the official custodians of the Moomin legacy have celebrated ‘Moomin’s Day’ on the 9th of August, the date chosen because it is the birthday of writer and illustrator Tove Jansson. Her Moominvalley works are… Read More ›