ARMIN STROM : Pure Resonance

This year, Armin Strom has taken their ‘Mirrored Force Resonance’ technology and created a second movement presented in a new watch collection called ‘Pure Resonance’. Earlier this year we had the opportunity to see the ‘Fire’ and ‘Water’ Pure Resonance… Read More ›


A year ago we introduced you to a small Barcelona headquartered brand called Ophion, courtesy of a new model called the OPH 786. This watch had an outsized ripple of interest for its low volume vintage-inspired pieces using Swiss movements,… Read More ›

RADO : Captain Cook MkIII

Last year Rado released modern versions of a vintage piece, called the Hyperchrome Captain Cook. Its success has lead to two more variant reissues, the Captain Cook MkII and MkIII. The latter of these, inspired by a 1962 piece, is… Read More ›

URWERK UR-210 Black Platinum

This year URWERK presented a black platinum edition (not its first black platinum piece) of its UR-210, a timepiece famed for two things – its combination of patented revolving satellite complication with wandering hour and three-dimensional retrograde minute hand, and… Read More ›