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  1. I posted a link to your site at our forum. I am very surprised that I was not made aware of this site before today. Thanks for all the hard work you put into the blog. If you ever visit our place, feel free to join or use anything on the site that you might find of interest.

    Alain aka Koimaster
    Owner Watchlords.


  2. Hello. Great pictures of the meistersinger Granmatik. I am considering buying one of these for my daily wearing watch. I have nearly 8 inch wrists. Do you rhink it would look silly big on me?

    Thank you,
    Andrew in the USA


    • Hi Andrew. If it was 47-48mm I’d say just go for it and pull the trigger but at this size, I’d really suggest that you try it on or a watch as close to its size as possible. It’s huge, and to get one without trying could be risky!


  3. Hi, can you shed any light on on LONGIO VOLCAN TOUBILLON watches …are they worth collecting/buying ?…….Keep up the good work


    • Hi Marten,

      Thanks so much for reading Horologium.

      Unfortunately I don’t know anything about Longio other than they are a Hong Kong based watch brand using Chinese tourbillons. If you are looking for a Chinese tourbillon then you might also want to take a look at Sea-Gull, who are very well established with a solid reputation.


  4. Hi, enjoyed your site, didn’t realise we got a local site in Sydney, been following Hodinkee for ages but you’re on my new favourites. My latest addition is a Frederique Constant limited addition Worldtimer runs on a FC-718, which I think its quite an ingenious development given the price tag, would like to get your thoughts on it.


  5. Hi I was recommended to you by a friend Firmin Li not sure if you know him but, I am very interested in the D.DornblĂŒth & Sohn brand and wondered if you had any contacts that would be able to help me to choose one. I am looking to have some very mild customisation done but, not sure exactly what is available and how to go about organising this.

    I’m very sorry if you are not sure what I’m going on about but I think that you are the person that I was recommend to.

    Thank you very much for your time and your great blog.

    Kindest Regards,

    Jonathan W.


  6. This is a great website to discuss the availability at the local scene. Just curious, are there any local gatherings or groups for enthusiasts to meet and discuss their passions?


  7. Your Instagram pages says you use a Nexus 4/5. Surely, you are not using a mobile phone camera for all those lovely photos ?
    Especially like the British library clock tower photo.


    • @wimalsamara – The photos that are labelled as @initialjh are taken by him but otherwise about 95% are phone photos. The British Library ones are all on a Nexus 5. Many thanks for the kind words!


  8. Hi,
    Do you still have the Buships canteen watch?
    Rob Fraser


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