HAUTLENCE : Pinball for the wrist

Last year, Hautlence released the rather mindboggling and random mechanical wrist piece called the ‘Playground Labyrinth’ (originally released in limited editions in a titanium case with either a rose gold dial and platinum ball or a white gold dial with rose gold ball, with a diamond version shown below) which was less about time telling and more about getting a platinum ball through the maze; familiar in concept if not realisation, to all.

For those like who thought it was to be a one-off playground visit, they were proven to be wrong, as a new Playground member appeared at Baselworld 2017 – the piece unique Pinball featuring their riff on a traditional pinball machine.

There is, however, a more serious side of the Playground Pinball, the mechanical aspect, which features an adaptation of a minute repeater function. A lever on the right both jump starts the ball. The activation starts the game but also activates the central star and spin wheel for ten seconds, bouncing the ball around the dial.

The Pinball’s dial has all the familiar aspects of the arcade game, with ‘lucky zones’, a jackpot bonus holes and a ‘danger zone’ with the skull and cross bones. The game ends when the ball is blocked at the base of the dial.

The base dial is Grade 5 titanium, fitted with a sapphire ‘intermediate dial’, which provides the smooth surface on which the balls can tumble. The case is also Grade 5 titanium, with alternating bead-blasted, polished and satin-finished surfaces.

A rather indulgent wrist game it may be, but the intent is to distract, to provide a bit of levity, and well, clearly someone thinks so, as the piece unique has been sold.

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