PROJECT : The Dying Art of Time


A little while ago Verity Chambers told me on Twitter about a project that forms part of the Advanced Diploma of Journalism for which she is a teacher. Called ‘The Dying Art of Time’, her students are looking at horology in Australia and the evolution of timekeeping.

In their own words, their intended audience is –

“Using words, photos, videos and sounds we will weld a story about time and time keeping aimed at an audience that is 16+ years old. The target demographic is people who don’t really know anything about horology but would stop and read a feature like this because they would like to know more.”

You can read more about their goals and follow their project at this link, and find them on Twitter at @trapping_time.

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  1. I am a collector and a horologist for the last 50 years. clocks were once much more a cutting edge measurement device and earlier only for the upper classes. They tickle the sights, ears and if one is able enough, the sense of touch to keep them correct, both functionally and ability to maintain correct time


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