Jaeger-LeCoultre’s 180th anniversary : some historical pieces

In this the year of the Maison’s 180th anniversary, Jaeger-LeCoultre has been engaged in various commemoration and celebration events around the world, as well as issuing some special editions. During SIHH 2013 earlier this year, the frontage of their booth proudly displayed some early highlights from their illustrious horological history. There were some who seemed to almost not notice them, going straight to the new releases, but they were worth having a look at, and I share them with you now.  Any descriptions below are those which were provided with the timepiece.


1862 : Pocket watch. Equipped with a patented keyless winding system invented by Antoine LeCoultre.

LeCoultre Calibre 19HRV. 18 carat yellow gold.

1959 : ‘Leaf’ Joaillerie 101. Leaf-shaped cover, diamond-set mainplate. Approx 3.30 carats. Calibre 101

Happy 180th birthday, Jaeger-LeCoultre.

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  1. EXCELLENT post! Oh what I would like to have one of them Atmos´on my desk. 🙂


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