What sort of a watch does a Dingo wear?

Is this a ‘world first’ watch photo?

Meet the Dingo cross known simply ‘Girl’. She lives in the Gibson Desert at a remote community 950km from Alice Springs and 1100km from Kalgoorlie.  Originally wild, Girl still roams free but is now domesticated, her food provider and occasional human playmate a man known as Robbo.

Robbo is Australia’s most remote pharmacist, snake wrangler, collector of photos of outback wrecks and now, nascent watch photographer.

The watch?

Well apart from a Chairman Mao novelty watch that isn’t worn, this G-Shock WR 208AR is the first watch that Robbo has worn in a very long time. As is fitting in 2012, it was to the (Australian) watch twitterverse that he went to when in search of a new watch. After a failed attempt to convince him that a Sinn tegimented watch would be the way to go for tough outback wear, a Casio G-Shock was the crowd favourite. It’s not an easy task, buying a watch when you live in such an isolated area. The mail arrives weekly on the plane (which lands at the community airstrip), refrigerated food is delivered every fortnight, and dry goods on alternate weeks.

How is the G-Shock wearing? Well it has managed to deal with the desert heat and dust so far, but is it Dingo-proof?

The first attempt at a ‘Dingo and watch’ photo went nowhere, as Girl thought that it was a game. The second attempt ended with the watch buried in a dustbowl and Robbo’s face covered in Dingo-dog saliva, but the third time was remarkably lucky.

It suits her.

If you are wondering how ‘remote’ is the area where these photos were taken, the community is called Jameson, in the shire of Ngaanyatjarraku. When everyone is there, the population reaches about 120.

Oh and if you’re listening, Casio, one small thing has come up – Robbo reports that the strap isn’t staying securely in the keeper, which is a lot wider than the height of the straps.

Perhaps there’s also scope for a special Australian desert proof G-Shock. I think that these photos would be perfect for an ad campaign …

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3 replies

  1. I’m impressed , great Photos .


  2. Really great pics. A G seems like the perfect choice for outback living to me. Tough, comfortable and superbly functional. I have 2 and love them.


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