The Longines Comet

The Longines Comet, a short-lived mystery dial from the seventies, is an unusual watch from Longines, featuring a broad arrow for hours and an orbiting dot for minutes. Both are on revolving discs, making them appear to move without being connected to the dial, hence the term ‘mystery dial’.

The indication ‘T Swiss Made T’ on the bottom of the dial means that the watch contains a certain quantity of tritium that emits less than 227 MBq (7,5 mCi). This particular watch still has some lume appearing on the tips of the markers when the watch is placed close to the light of a lamp; natural light does not seem to have any effect. The dot and the arrow have a tendency to discolour to a yellow colour over time.

The watch is considered to be uncommon, as the design was deemed too avant-garde for tastes at the time, so comparatively few were sold. Red is the most rare colour, followed by yellow, the most common colour being blue. It was also produced in black and white, and in brown, maroon and green variations.

Size : 35mm x 40mm (42mm including crown, 38mm lug to lug)
Movement : Cal. 702 manual wind
Crystal: Original Longines plastic crystal
Case material: Stainless steel
Case thickness: 8mm
Crown: Longines signed
Caseback: Stainless screw-on. Signed.

Mine came on a 1970s Longines strap with original buckle. A brown punctured one. Suffice to say that it wasn’t really a good look, and I wasn’t comfortable with wearing it. A trip to a watch shop and a NATO whose colour scheme is pretty close to the dial’s.

I think it looks pretty good. I have a soft spot for mystery dials, alternative time displays and the like, and own one or two 1970s jump hours. This Comet fits within that 1970s theme for me, and it’s a fun watch to wear whose look has been lifted immeasurably by the strap. I’ve been enjoying this watch with its new strap so much that for the past few days, I have been close to buying a red variant, with the aim of having one in every colour.

Fortunately, two people have talked me out of it, though if one came up at a bargain price…

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8 replies

  1. Hello. I am looking to purchase a Comet. Are you aware of any that are available!


  2. Hi
    I have started collecting longines and currently have 6 !!!!
    The comet does look very different, what sort of price would you expect them to sell for ?


    • Congratulations on your collection, and best of luck building it up! I got mine quite a few years ago on ebay, when they were a bit cheaper. They are possible to find, and the price is somewhat dependent on the colour variant, so it differs quite a bit. Aim for upwards of USD1,500. I’ve even seen some being priced at about $2k. Good luck!


  3. Hi, I have Red dial Comet wich was given to me in the 70´s. I´m thinking of Selling it. There´s no bracelet and it´s not restored. Do you have a clue, of what´s it Worth?


  4. I have one and the crystal has a small chip. Should I have it replaced? If yes where to find crystal.?
    Or sell as is?


    • Hi Jeff, sorry for not having replied sooner. I somehow missed your comment. It’s a great watch, isn’t it? I can’t give you any advice about where to find a crystal, it’s best to ask your nearest good watchmaker about that. But the cost will be important relative to the value of the entire watch, because it may proportionately be more than you’re comfortable with given how much the watch may go for.


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